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Buy original and exclusive framed prints by Jono here!

These prints are only available to buy here – online at hang & illuminate. You won’t find them anywhere else making them not only really, really ridiculously good looking but very exclusive too!

The collection will grow month by month as we add the latest additions to the hang & illuminate store so stay tuned for new, contemporary framed art to hang on your walls.

You can buy any of the prints both on their own or, if you prefer, with one of our high quality frames which can be purchased in a selection of sizes and finishes.

Frames will also be available to buy separately very soon so you can purchase the perfect companion for your Jono prints another time or even another frame in a new colour or style to suit you.

You want the art you buy to look as good as possible in any setting.
That’s why we offer optional exhibition quality mounts on most of our prints.

Mounts are available in 6 hand-picked colours so you can personalise the look of your original framed art to match any space. Take a look in the shop now and see how these simple additions can really change the look and feel of the prints to suit your taste.

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